Regardless if you know a little or a lot about wine, Liora will have a course that fits your level of knowledge.  



You will get an introduction on what is what, how to taste wine and understand the fundamentals of the wine world. Although Liora will not teach you how to turn water into wine,("Water to Wine course" - only available on Sunday's for select gatherings) you will learn how to recognise good wines that need not cost you an arm and a leg.



This is for those of you who already have some knowledge about wine, but who wish to learn even more. There are a lot of different factors that affect the wine production, and with great enthusiasm Liora will tell you the secrets of terroir, grapes, climate and vinification.

Liora tailors the event according to your desires and budget. If you want more information or would like to place a request please make use of the Contact Form.

"Thank you for a brilliant performance. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback after the Champagne tasting." Kristin Hoel, BAHR   

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